Give your Name some Fame!

About Sports Prints:
Q:  Can I put a retired player on my print?
A:  No.  We pay royalties to the players through the players association that covers current athletes only.  Retired players deserve to be compensated when their name or image is used and there is no way for us to do this at this time.

Q:  Can I personalize more than one jersey?
A:  No, due to league restrictions, only one jersey can be personalized.  However, we can list all your family members’ names on our popular stadium print.

Q:  I don’t know what players my husband/son/father likes.
A:  Don’t worry too much about that.  Our images are updated regularly with the most popular players on the team.  You can’t go wrong with our “default” roster of players.

Q:  Can I change the number on the jersey?
A:  For our locker room print (pro sports), yes, you can.  However, the number you choose cannot be a number that belongs to one of the 3 players you have chosen to hang with you.  Unfortunately, for the Action collage photo and for colleges, we cannot change the jersey numbers.

Q:  Why can’t I choose my players for the Action Collage?
A:  Sorry, but we can ONLY use the 4 players that are pictured.  If it’s important to have a specific player not shown from that team, then perhaps the Locker Room scene is more appropriate.  If a specific player does not matter, then any fan would love having his or her special day at the team’s stadium or be the owner of his or her own hangout.  Special note:  If one of your favorite players is still on a former team’s photo, it’s only because it takes longer for the changes to be made on these prints.  We’re working to get all the updates completed to reflect new team rosters.

Q:  Are these the real stadiums?
A:  Yep!  The real stadium and real fans, too!  Of course, we’ve added the flag on the field and the card trick.  This is a really fun print.  While Welcome “Your Name” is good, you can also use the cards to say “Happy Birthday” to someone special, or how about “Welcome Scott, Tricia & Family” and at the bottom have it be the “Shelton Family” day at Stadium Name, or even to celebrate a reunion year and class.  You can get really creative on this print!

Q:  Why isn’t my college available?
A:  We are adding additional colleges all the time.  They naturally went with the larger universities first. Rankings probably play a factor, too.   Some universities have turned us down and will not let us have a license.  Others initially said “no” and have now come on board – most recently University of Arkansas and Texas Tech University!  This is definitely a cool product, and fans who do not see their alma mater get irritated.  And sometimes the approval process just gets bogged down.  We’ve got others ready to go, but need that final approval before we can release it for purchase.  Unlike Pro teams, the NCAA teams must all be individually approved by each college.  I live in San Angelo, Texas, and we will not be getting the Angelo State University Rams anytime soon. 

Q:  Where’s basketball?
A:  We are working on it, and as they become available, we will add them.  Right now, Purdue is the only team with a basketball locker room scene – for both NCAA and Pro teams.

Q:  I see the NCAA locker room but where are the other college prints:
A:  Not all the teams approved all the designs (locker room, stadium, or hangout), and we can only go with what they approve.  Some schools were a little “iffy” about the hangout print and did not want to imply an acceptance of drinking, even through our college prints are hangouts and not “pubs.”  We must also rely on the colleges to send us their aerial stadium shots.  Unfortunately, not every one we got was conducive to our adding the card trick – wrong angle, etc.  Keep checking back.  They are a work in progress.