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Perhaps you wonder why all the college samples are TCU related.  That’s because we are complete, unabashed Horned Frog fans.  And our loyalty goes back quite a bit.  My mother attended TCU; Scott’s mom is a TCU graduate and retired from TCU as an Associate Dean of Admissions.  Her name was Jewel Potter, and she may have even recruited you back in the 60s and 70s to attend!

My husband Scott graduated from TCU in 1969; I graduated in 1968; our son Stephen Shelton and his wife, Emily Molstad Shelton, graduated in 1997.  We have a daughter, too – Valerie – and the little turncoat went to SMU instead and then (gasp!) University of Oklahoma Law School.

While the samples are of TCU. I’m sure you can imagine what the other schools will look like – exactly the same, with your school colors, mascot, actual stadium, etc.

But we have lots of other university loyalties.  Scott graduated from the University of Texas Law School, and our kids grew up with not only “Go, Frogs!” but lots of “Hook ‘em Horns”, too.  Since our children live in the Dallas area, and our daughter is an SMU alum, we root for the Mustangs – as long as they’re not playing TCU!  We live part-time in a community where we have now become Baylor fans.  And we will even pull for OU in honor of Valerie and son-in-law Brian, as long as they are not playing against the Frogs or the Horns.

Last year, as I traveled to shows with the prints for the first time, it was great to see all the team loyalty and support, for not only the college teams, but also the pro teams.  Seeing your loved one’s name on the back of a team jersey, choosing the name of your hangout, or deciding on just the right message for the stadium card trick are all part of the fun of a personalized print.

Since 2003, I have had the pleasure of demonstrating the Funshine Music CDs and DVDs.  I have so many stories to tell about the children hearing their names for the first time, and of new mothers and grandmothers hearing the names as well!  One friend helping me at a show asked why on earth I had a box of Kleenex.  She found out pretty quickly the kind of emotions that can come out of a beautiful piece of personalized music.

Scott and I are both excited about being able to add the prints so that we can have just the right gift for anyone on your list.  I’ve accumulated stories about those, too, and I teared up at a show when a lady ordered for her husband a special Yankees Stadium print honoring his dad.

Claire and Michael Shelton are the featured fans on our Banner photo – grandkids #1 and #2.  Ryan Tabor is our 3 year old grandchild and is on the group shot, along with 3-year old nephew Austin.  (Grandson Gavin could not be there that day.) My thanks to all the Frog Fans who showed up for our tailgate party in the 100 degree heat of Ft. Worth!

We’ve lived in Ft. Worth, Midland, Odessa, Dallas, Tulsa & Houston and currently live in both San Angelo and (Lake) Whitney, Texas.  We have so many wonderful friends that we have made in each place, and it’s a pleasure to talk to the new friends we have made through this personalized business.  Thanks so much to all of you!

Tricia Bates Shelton